Sunday, October 23, 2016

Year Zero

I had a chance to do this post with one of the coolest chicks in SL. I knew without a doubt she would be able to come through and make this post fun. So I strongly suggest checking out her blog because it's amazing as well as her photo's are amazing. Plus she's the queen of everything! Anyway here is the link Monstah (AKA:The Queen)

Year Zero

Face Paint & Mitre:  Scintilli Papa Emeritus Avatar Please note the actual outfit with this avi is bad. The only parts I used were the head piece and makeup. The creators idea and concept were in the right place, but it's 2016 I ain't down with prims and flexi 
Main Robe:  Dark Monk Products Boy*57
Outer Robe: PEQE Jacket Vest 
Gloves: Fatewear Dexter Gloves Black 
Eyes: Clemmm Dolly White & Fract Eyes in Chocolate

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