Saturday, June 28, 2014

If I Had a Heart

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Lucis Skin Tone 5
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Viking Hair ::Fantasy Collective::
Eyes:  .ID. Mirror Eyes (Hazle) 
Eye Makeup: ::Little Pricks:: Viking War Eyes ::Fantasy Collective::
Ears: [MANDALA] Stretched Ears OMIMI Size 5
Axe: [EZ] Algard Axe
Necklace1: .Luminary. Hart -Gold ::Fantasy Collective::
Necklace2: *LODE* Accessory _ Viking Necklace [gold] ::Fantasy Collective::
Upper Arms: DPD - Weapons Harness II - Roman Leather
Bracers:: [The Forge] Viking Bracers, (Brown Leather) Common)
Fur: Peqe Viking Brown/Brown Fur  ::Fantasy Collective::
Abdomen Belt: DPD Abdomen Belt (Brown)
Kilt: Rochambeau Bandit Outfit
Pants: Rochambeau Tharkun Outfit
Boots: Rochambeau Tharkun Outfit

House & Stuff: 
House: Frogstar Sigruns Lodge ::Fantasy Collective::
Decor:  [Tia] Long Hall Firepit
            [Tia] The Library Tall Double
            [Tia] Heavy Melee Rearmer & Shield Rearmer
            [Tia] Breakfast Table & Chairs
            [Tia] Longhall Barrels - Mead
            [Tia] Throne of Odin
            [Tia] Dungeon Fires
            *[MeshedUp]* Viking Shield Brown 1 & Brown 2
            .a i s l i n g. Pennden Banner
            .a i s l i n g. Grid Couch
            .a i s l i n g. Barrels 
            .a i s l i n g. Magic Apples Crates
            Kalopsia Viking Set ::Fantasy Collective::

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