Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tableau Vivant

About a week  ago I went to Tableau Vivant just to try on different skin tones. I realized they had a mesh shop so I decided to take a look! Well I bought a few things....

Hair: Atro Patena Rich Black

Facial Hair: JOMO Beard 3

Skin: Tableau Vivant Vincent July

Eyes: ID Ice Light Sensitive

Ears: AITUI Mesh Stretched Ears 1"

Open Mouth Attatchment: PXL Mouth Open Add On

Tattoos: Pekka Wisdom Tattoo
             BlackFeet To the Ends of the Earth

Piercings: Pekka Illusionist UNISEX PIERCING
               Pekka UnderLip Plugs UNISEX

Rings: Mandala Sinra2 Rings Samurai Black (left hand)
          Chop Zuey Couture A Fist Full of Diamonds Mens Brass Knuckles

Shirt: Tableau Vivant  Sweater (black)

Pants: Tableau Vivant Low-rise jeans 7

Shoes: Entente L' Equipe Kicks

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