Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Nothing new in this post, just wanted to do something with my friend Lindz! So we decided to dress alike! And we look sexy :)

Clothes on Both Lindz & Alex

Shirt: *chronokit* Check Gray

Jeans: NotSoBad Mungo Jeans Grey

Belt: NotSoBad Mungo Belt

Shoes: UBU Porn Stars Lo-Tops

Hair and Accessories on Lindz:

Hair: Magika [01] Dare Black

Nails: EY:NO French <3 Nails incl. Rings

Piercings: Pekka Miracle Piercing Unisex Piercing

Tattoo's: Wicked Tattoos Eden Tattoo

Hair and Accessories on Alex:

Hair: Atro Patena Jakob Black

Ears: AITUI Stretched Ears 1"

Piercings: Pekka Illusionist Unisex Piercing & Under Lip Plugs

Tattoo's: BlackFeet To the Ends of the Earth

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